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Eyebrows are the most easily altered facial features we have. As far as women go, this facial feature can be waxed, plucked, drawn, bleached, dyed or tattooed. Did you know that altering them could enhance or destroy your face feng shui and luck. One of the basic principles of feng shui is the principle of five elements, which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These feng shui elements interact between themselves in certain ways, generally defined as the Productive and Destructive cycles.

How your eyebrows are shaped makes big differences to your overall look and according to feng shui your luck. Brows has to be shaped evenly and according to your facial structure to help bring good luck and prosperity. The easiest way to get your life moving by using feng shui is to bring the energy of specific feng shui to your eyebrows in order to achieve the desired results - luck, love or successes.

Dannielli with decades of experience in eyebrow shaping will analyse your face features and arch using the relevant feng shui design that matches the 5 elements in accordance to your face shape.

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Here is a little history about brows and its shape meaning according to the principle of feng shui: Eyebrows border the Upper and Middle Zones of the face and can indicate a great deal about the character of a person. It is believed that eyebrows have evolved to prevent sweat from running into our eyes therefore they do have a function on our face. But apart from it, the shape, growth and color of eyebrows can give you an insight into the character of a person.

Ideally, eyebrows should be sufficiently long enough to cover and therefore protect the eyes. They should begin at the inner corner, curve gently upwards and end at a correct length so as to be considered balanced. They should be thicker at the beginning and gradually thinner towards the end. When they are well shaped, they indicate a balance between logic and emotions. Thick bushy eyebrows show that a person has vitality, strength and a passionate nature. It also indicates that the person will have a good passage through the ages of 30 to 33 as these are the ages indicated by the eyebrows.

Eyebrows that are faint, patchy or scattered indicates a difficulty in these ages and if it corresponds with the astrology of the person's natal chart, it can act as a warning. Further analysis can reveal what the problems can be but in general they indicate problems in health, failure and losses or emotional instability. The strength of the eyes and other facial features will tell how this person will cope with his or her problems.

With make-up, a woman can create a more harmonious balance and strengthen her eyebrows and improve her facial luck. Men are at a disadvantage here. However, women have been extremely destructive when it comes to their eyebrows and have vandalised them in the name of beauty. This can alter the harmony of their Face Feng Shui and alter their luck. Take for example the many women who have tattooed their eyebrows. Many women have tried to overcome the tedious and tricky business of drawing and regularly plucking their eyebrows by tattooing them. The result, more often than not, leaves an imbalanced facial expression that is there for life.

Up to recently, there was no chance of a reversal of these tattooed calamaties except with heavy concealing make-up. If they are excessively thick, dark and flying up, they make a person look aggressive, demanding and uncompromising. This is the impression conveyed to the onlooker. The immediate reaction by the onlooker is to be on the defensive, a buildup of hostility and preparation to counter-attack. The end result for this unfortunate person with the badly tattooed eyebrows is a difficulty in dealing with people because of her intimidating countenance as she gives the impression of a bad tempered woman who looks as if she is ready to jump down anyone's throat at the slightest provocation. This would definitely alter her Face Feng Shui and Face Luck. So if you are contemplating tampering with your eyebrows, consider how it will change your Face Feng Shui.




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